Conclave Objectives

This year's conclave will dwell on the implications of the Paris Agreement, role of private sector in climate change mitigation and adaptation, market mechanisms, managing climate risks in financial institutions and technology innovation for climate change.

The conclave aims to achieve the following objectives:

Raise awareness and urgency: Increase awareness among participants about the gravity of climate change and its implications for businesses, economies, societies, and ecosystems. Foster a sense of urgency for immediate and bold action.

Knowledge sharing and capacity building: Facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge research, best practices, and practical experiences in sustainable business models, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and innovative solutions.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration: Encourage collaboration and partnerships among businesses, governments, NGOs, academia, and local communities to drive sustainable development and climate action.

Policy advocacy and influencing: Provide a platform to influence policy and regulatory frameworks at global, regional, and national levels by advocating for ambitious climate targets, supportive policies, and incentives for sustainable business practices.

Financial mobilization: Promote innovative financial mechanisms, sustainable investment, and green financing opportunities to accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Youth engagement: Foster the active participation of youth and empower them to contribute their perspectives, innovative ideas, and solutions for addressing climate change.